[Day 2] 7 Day Challenge

Day 2

What’s up Challenger!

So Who Am I? Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Chakita Patterson. I am the founder and creator of United Street Tours, a walking tour company that helps white allies expand their perspective through exposure. 

I have a Master Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am a former teacher and school administrator. 

I was selected as NBJ’s 40 Under 40 and NBJ’s Woman of Influence. I’ve been recognized by over 100 media outlets for my work. I’ve published several online courses, ebooks, and live experiences with the focus of dismantling racism. 

But most importantly…

My team and I have educated over 6,000 white allies around the world.

The reason I am telling you this is because I want you to imagine.


You are an expert in your field or hobby. And everyone knows it. Turn up!

Pretty liberating, right? Because you know you’ve done the emotional and intellectual labor to become one.

People begin to reach out asking for consultation.

So you create a robust program to teach folks how to be successful by following the steps you’ve laid out.

But every morning when you wake up, you notice that some people bypass the link to your program. Instead they proceed to ask for personalized consulting for FREE on your social media accounts.

Things like…

“How do I respond in this situation?” 

“I have one quick question.”

“Feel free to answer this if you have time.”

“I’m not looking for you to work for free but…”

You are passionate about your work so you decide to help a few people.

Soon you realize that the morning has passed and your clients who have actually invested in your program aren’t getting the time and attention they deserve.

Crazy, huh?

To be clear: Expecting Black people to work for free, teach you for free, or provide you with value for free is racist and is a remnant of enslavement. Check your level of entitlement often.  

Let’s break this down together.

If no one has ever told you this, I’m telling you now … it’s NOT okay!

From this day forward, instead of freeloading, normalize googling to find the answers that you seek. Our ancestors did so much for free already likeeee building this country (USA).

Pay the Black people you’re learning from on social media and beyond.


1. Research and find ONE antiracist resource that sparked or sparks a radical shift in your perspective as it relates to antiracism. 

2. Once you find the resource (video, podcast, course, blog, article, etc.) copy the link and complete your “Commitment To Growth Statement” below.

3. Copy and paste your STATEMENT in the group or email it to with the subject line: Commitment To Growth Statement.

4. If you’re in the group, consider learning from what other Challengers post by engaging in dialogue about their recommended resource.

Examples of the Commitment To Growth Statement

Today is Day 2 of the 7 Day Antiracism Challenge with Chakita Patterson. I identify as (insert race/ethnicity) from (insert where you’re from). If I’m being honest, I consider myself a (problem, performer/actor, ally, accomplice, co-conspirator, anti-racist, or something else) to the Black community because (insert your why).

I want to be a (solution, friend, ally, accomplice, co-conspirator, anti-racist, or something else) in the pursuit of racial equality. I am committed to helping myself and people who look like me (solve what problem) so that we can achieve (insert desired tangible result) without (what do you want to avoid?).

With that being said, it is up to me to speak up and initiate conversations with people who look like me about race and racism if I really want to (finish the sentence). 

In order to do this I need to practice conversing about race and racism which will help me go from feeling (insert feeling/emotion) about initiating discussions, calling people in/out for racism, and insisting on equality to hopefully feeling (insert feeling/emotion) about holding myself and others accountable. After this Challenge the first place I am going to inspire anti-racism is in my (home, family, friends, workplace, community, or somewhere else) by encouraging people who look like me to (insert an actionable step).

I’m posting this resource below with the hopes that we may discuss it and grow together. 

Resource: To gain a better understanding of why paying Black people for the value provided is imperative, read this article about how the pay gap affects Black women specifically. 

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Your guide,