7 Day Antiracism Challenge

The 7 Day Antiracism Challenge is a self-paced program designed to encourage individuals to actively engage in antiracism work over the course of seven days. The challenge provides participants with daily tasks, prompts, and resources to help them better understand racism and how they can take steps to combat it.

The challenge begins with an introduction to the work. Each day thereafter focuses on a different aspect of antiracism work, such as recognizing and challenging implicit biases, actively listening to the experiences of people of color, and educating oneself on the history of racism and its ongoing impacts.

The daily tasks and prompts may include things like reading articles or books by people of color, reflecting on one’s own experiences with racism, engaging in conversations with others about race and racism, and taking action to support antiracist causes or organizations.

The ultimate goal of the 7 Day Antiracism Challenge is to help individuals build a foundation of knowledge and skills that they can use to actively work against racism and promote racial justice in their personal and professional lives. By taking the challenge, participants can begin to identify and dismantle the ways in which racism operates in their own lives and communities, and work to create a more equitable and just society for all.