Racial Awareness in Education: Policy Changes for Systemic Change with Carlos Da Silva

The course was created by Unite Guides, a group consisting of diversity leaders, education specialists, and strategists, with the aim of promoting awareness and understanding. Many common expressions and actions have their roots in prejudice, discrimination, biased beliefs, and assumptions. The course materials are intentionally designed to encourage deliberate learning and provide opportunities to take […]

7 Day Antiracism Challenge

The 7 Day Antiracism Challenge is a self-paced program designed to encourage individuals to actively engage in antiracism work over the course of seven days. The challenge provides participants with daily tasks, prompts, and resources to help them better understand racism and how they can take steps to combat it. The challenge begins with an […]

Antiracism & Civil Rights In American Life

Antiracism & Civil Rights In American Life is a course designed to educate individuals on the history of racism and civil rights in America, as well as strategies for promoting antiracism in modern society. The course begins with a thorough examination of the history of racism in America, starting with the Civil Rights Movement of […]